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Xil Studios
web url address: http://xil.thelastvoyage.com/
site about women transformations, there are also some stuff on women shrinking, this site seems to be an e-commerce site where you can buy materials/productions of womens transformations videos.
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Metamorphose Home Page
web url address: http://www.metamorphose.org/
Dot ORG Transformation Lists General Age 121 Animal 217 Female 218 Furry 20 Gender 1907 Inanimate 81 Male 68 Mechanical 23 Miscellaneous 44 Mythical 21 Size 142 Werewolves 32 Links Picture Gallery Message Board Send Email New Entries Mar 23 Dr Shrinke...
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Introducing: Rogue
web url address: http://www.macrophile.com/~rogue/
Last update March 2, 2003 ROGUE S COMMENTS ON SEPTEMBER 11 Images Stories Nekobe Yonggary Links NEWS What is Rogue? Rogue is a giant wolfmorph. By giant , we mean that the last time anyone was brave enough to measure him , he stood just a few inches s...
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Macrophile.com Home of the big ones
web url address: http://www.macrophile.com/
What s new? Oh yeah. The discussion board is up. Hopefully it should be refined soon. The FTP section is still newish. I m working on breaking the longer pages into sub pages to reduce load times. The changelog is back up. though not fully update yet ...
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Guppy s Homepage
web url address: http://www.bluefurry.com/
Guppy s homepage, home of Colin Crisanti s Anthropomorphic artwork, ratings G X. X areas password protected. Come on by.
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Joe Ekaitis s anthro animal art.com
web url address: http://www.anthro-animal-art.com/
. . .filled with eclectic links. . . YAHOO Internet Life Magazine, December 1997 Fantastic site. Guaranteed to make you laugh. Beryl, http:www. box.net.au berylj I laughed so hard, my face hurt Steven F. Scharff Big furs Big fun Prismo Mr. Ekaitis has...
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