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R.J.'s Kleppers
web url address: http://geocities.com/southbeach/boardwalk/4931/
Kleppers is a Dutch word that refers to any kind of footwear consisting of a flat or heeled (platform or stilted) sole, made of wood and/or cork, with a single adjustable strap over the toes, or a V-shaped thong (or a nob) between the first and the second
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Feet Under The Table
web url address: http://nyllover.altervista.org/
Prima di tutto un avvertimento: questo sito vuole essere un punto di ritrovo per tutti quelli che pensano che la situazione piu' bella ed eccitante con una donna, sia la seduzione fatta a tavola, o meglio sotto alla tavola, con il piede della donna che fa
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Olli Page
web url address: http://www.foot-worship-foot-fetish.com/olli/
My name is Olli. I'm 19 and a sophomore. My major is law. But I also like modelling. This is my hobby. As you can see I also like to humiliate men. I know that not many girls truly like to humiliate men physically.
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Willkommen beim Deutschen Fusserotik Forum
web url address: http://www.dff-online.com/
Deutsches Fusserotik Forum, german footerotic Forum,dff,DFF ...
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web url address: http://www.solozeppe.com/
Per gli amanti dei piedi calzati con esagerate scarpe con la zeppa, piedi, scarpe, zeppa, zeppe, platform ...
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web url address: http://www.secondapelle.it/
Il sito dell Eros Evoluto e della creatività: dal Fetish al BDSM, dalla bisessualità al trasvestitismo ...
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web url address: http://www.geocities.com/piedifemminili/
bigdream MENU ARCHIVES news welcome to this new page here you can find the best videocaptured from italian TV international movies leave your message guestbook pics archives dangling ,trampling,asian,black....and many others podo078 hotmail.com menu c...
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Woman Worship
web url address: http://www.womanworship.co.uk/femdom.html
Please enter through either the MEN S ENTRANCE or the WOMEN S ENTRANCE . Copyright Woman Worship All Rights Reserved Copyright Statement: All Copyrights Woman Worship. No part of this web site may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transm...
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We Luv Legs Free Site
web url address: http://www.weluvlegs.com/
We Luv Legs Free Site Welcome Please Enjoy Our Free Site Huge Collection of Free Pictures EXIT ENTER The following site and its lists contain material that some may find to be offensive. If you are offended by such material , or if you are under 18 21...
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Bienvenue sur Trample net Welcome on Trample net Redirect by ulimit.com
web url address: http://www.trample-net.be.tf/
This document is designed to be viewed using Frame features. If you are seeing this message, please consider upgrading to a frames compatible browser such as netscape . Click here for http:www.trample net.be.tf Ulimit.com is a free URL redirection ser...
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Totally Free Femdom
web url address: http://www.totallyfreefemdom.com/
Totally Free Femdom is exactly that. A site filled with totally free Female Domination content. Hundreds of free, thumbnailed pictures in many galleries.
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web url address: http://www.rukababy.com/
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; else if version ; MATRIX FEET You can always to find me here: http:come.to...
web url address: http://www.matrixfeet.hpg.ig.com.br/
rixfeet Bookmark this address above Você sempre pode me achar aqui: http:come.tomatrixfeet Adicione em seu favoritos WARNING This Site Is NOT a Porno Site But Contains Adult Material About Foot Fetish And Femdom... So If You Are Under 21 Years Old Plea...
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solopies, solo para fetichistas de los pies
web url address: http://www.iespana.es/solopies/
Web sobre fetichismo de los pies, chat para fetichistas privado, fotos de pies , pantys, fotos amateur ...
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Aux pieds des filles At GIRLS FEET
web url address: http://www.girlsfeet.fr.st/
A free foot fetish web site ! Un superbe site gratuit dédié aux pieds féminins ! ...
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Pam s Sneaker Pictures Sample Page Name 1 33 34 66 67 99 100 133 134 166 167...
web url address: http://www.feetsinsneaks.com/Pam/sneakers/
9 200 237 Giantess Size 25191K 29112K 28217K 32204K 27105K 14714K 13868K 1380K Back to Index Sneaker Pictures 1 to 33 pam1a.jpg 113K pam1b.jpg 114K pam1c.jpg 168K pam1d.jpg 126K pam1e.jpg 125K pink10a.jpg 114K pink10b.jpg 112K pink10c.jpg 100K pink10d....
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happyfeet piedi da leccare
web url address: http://www.coniglioviola.com/happyfeet/
il footfetish, feticismo dei piedi una chat frequentatissima sui piedi, padroncine in webcam ...
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Collant e Sesso
web url address: http://www.collantesesso.com/
tutto sul sesso in calze e collant veramente gratuito ...
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B g s l k 553KB kzh 215KB R W B new MAR 23 update Page3 English Here target ...
web url address: http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~uk4k-hnd/tencyo/
nk English here OR use world.altavista.com v B Copyright C 2001 2002 tencyo All Rights Reserved. 0 2 W C A e X b B d z K j r A w B H w w A Z N L m H B A q l B q l A A R d b B A h q E j Y A s q e A e d b B g b N B s e A x q B R d b A B A H w O A s R B e...
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Anne s feet
web url address: http://www.annesfeet.com/
Bienvenue chez Anne s feet Introduction Ce site est d di ma femme This site is dedicated to my wife Ce que je pr f re chez les femmes et chez elle en g n ral, ce sont leurs pieds et leurs fesses What i love in women are their feet and their asses Next...
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Foot Fetish Fan Club News
web url address: http://village.infoweb.ne.jp/~fwgj1448/foot/e-index.htm
WARNING This site is for ADULTS ONLY, If you are under 20 PLEASE LEAVE NAMA ASHI Apr 10, 2002 Beautiful toes This summer, women s great interest in Japan is feet . Japanese women are struggle to get their feet beautiful We got a new Japanese word NAMA...
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La mia passione...by FabriCLICK
web url address: http://members.xoom.it/mypassion/
Il fascino del piede femminile.
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web url address: http://members.theglobe.com/valis99/giantess/pictures.htm
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Crush Fetish Princess Valis
web url address: http://crushfetish.netherweb.com/
The site of a Princess of crushing, with resources dedicated to the crushing, crushing models machines, foot fetish, high heels, crushing of fruits, female domination on men.
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