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Giantess Planet
web url address: http://www.giantessplanet.com/
Giantess Planet is once again accepting submissions for all new stories. If you have a story you want to see posted on this site, then submit it to us by using the handy form located under the Stories Menu.
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Asuka's Giantess Haven
web url address: http://www.ps0.net/
created this site to showcase not only my work but the other excellent work of the hardworking authors in the community. So often the authors don't get there just praise for the time and effort that they put into there work. So my goal is to make sure
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Female Bodybuilders, Amazons and Strong Women
web url address: http://www.thevalkyrie.com/
The place for everyone interested in Valkyries, amazons, strong women, fighting women and female bodybuilders. Stories, pictures, video clips, message boards and a chat room ...
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Hey You old enough to be in here?
web url address: http://www.heavyboots.org/tgrock/
Tall Girls Rock! is a GTS giantess fan site, containing original literature, collected images, and extensive GTS links to facilitate your understanding and appreciation of this remarkable genre of sexual deviation.
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web url address: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Neptune/5653/PaulBunyanGiantessStoriesHomepage.html
THE GIANTESS STORIES OF PAUL BUNYAN Back in the Lumbercamps in the 1890s , I often dreamed of finding a giantess to know and love. This should be understandable . After all, standing nine feet, seven inches tall as I do, I can t find a girlfriend just...
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ursaminor s GTS Story Archive
web url address: http://members.tripod.com/~ursaminor/
For serious giantess fans: a site that has loads of giantess stories from various authors, all available for free! ...
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Female Growth Stories
web url address: http://members.tripod.com/~Nadie8/
Get Five DVDs for .49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated This site has been enjoyed by GTS growth fans WELCOME TO THE HOME OF FEMALE GROWTH STORIES That s right. Finally, a site devoted solely to that wondeful sub genre of GTS fantastie...
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